Billing and Payment

Selling on your own website VS listing on our marketplace. Each with their own billing and payment scheme. Both equally good opportunities to earn money. Find out how!

Billing/Payout is done slightly differently for fulfillment (via shopify/website integration) compared to marketplace listing.

Your Own Website


- Shopify Account

- Credit Card Information

  • We charge your credit card (product+print cost)+(shipping fee) when a transaction is made on your shopify webstore


Our Marketplace (


- Bank Account

  • We pay out to your bank account (selling price) - (product+print cost) when a transaction is made on your shopify webstore




Note: Refer to Price List for (Product + Print Cost) and Shipping Fee Breakdown

Your Own Website

(Product+Print Cost) + (Shipping Fee)

eg) Customer purchases 2 (white double) Standard Round Neck Short Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt 160gsm, shipping to Sabah, Malaysia. Selling price (set by seller) is RM59 with Free Shipping:

(MYR28) + (MYR7.50+MYR1)

= RM36.50 (Charged to Credit Card)

You Earn

MYR59-MYR36.50 = 

RM22.50 (38% Profit Margin)


Our Marketplace (

Selling Price - (Product+Print Cost)

eg) Customer purchases 2 (colour single) Standard Cotton Baby Romper, shipping to Singapore. Selling price (set by seller) is MYR39:

= MYR39 - MYR22

= MYR17 (Payable to Seller Bank Account)

You Earn

MYR17 (44% Profit Margin)

Note: For Marketplace Listing, Customer pays for shipping directly on our website, so shipping fee is not factored into payout calculation



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